International Dance Federation has been founded in 2002 in Casalecchio di Reno, Bologna, Italy. Its founders – three friends representing four nations: Italy, Hungary, San Marino and Belgium have come together to create a body that would represent needs and expactations of dancers and clubs tired of ‘fossilized rules’.

Our strong focus on dancers and their rights, our passion towards dance and young people, our belief in the power of dance to change the world and promote solidarity have fast become recognised and valued, with many coutries and organisations joining in.
Year after year the IDF Presidium have been expanding; year after year the IDF have been welcoming new member countries  which number after nine successful years have reached 28.

The hard work has paid off! The International Dance Federation and all their members have won! They have won a chance to be a part of an exceptional multicultural family that through its extraordinary activities promotes talent, creativity and integration and helps to create a better future for young people.


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